Professional Teeth Cleaning in Hamburg’s Centre

Persistent discolouration of the teeth caused by smoking and the consummation of drinks like coffee, tea or red wine are difficult to remove at home. The so-called plaque can lead to the inflammation of the gums (gingivitis). A harmless inflammation can become dangerous when the acid-forming bacteria proliferate und enclose mineral substances. The resulting tartar can turn into periodontitis: an inflammation of the periodontal apparatus that needs urgent treatment.

What is professional teeth cleaning?

Even with diligent care and dental hygiene, some areas in the mouth are not easily accessible. Professional teeth cleaning offers an additional precise cleansing of the teeth, the spaces between teeth and the areas of the mouth behind the back teeth. During the prophylaxis appointment, all discolorations and plaque will be removed.

The most important information at a glance

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Examination:complete diagnostics
Benefits:cleansing with Airflow
cleansing with Airflow:30-60 minutes
Frequency:min. 2x a year
Cost:100-120 EUR

Advantages of the Zahnklinik ABC Bogen

With the prophylaxis treatment, the specialised staff of Zahnklinik ABC Bogen protects your teeth from common oral diseases like caries and gum diseases.

With screenings for the early detection of periodontitis we identify every single gum pocket, and with ultrasonic scalers we gently and swiftly remove even the most resilient plaque.

This includes the bleaching of your teeth, which goes along with a thorough PTC. For an even shinier white we recommend a gentle bleaching in our practice.

Our trained staff also will assist you with many useful tips for taking good care of your teeth at home.

Elements of Prophylaxis in the Zahnklinik ABC Bogen:

  • Teeth cleaning by removing any surface plaque and if necessary, cleaning of exposed roots
  • Thorough cleaning of interdental spaces
  • Removing plaque and microbial stains
  • Gentle removal of tartar with ultrasonic scaling
  • Screening for the early detection of periodontitis
  • Tooth surface polishing
  • Caries protection and fluoridation of the teeth
  • Expert advise on oral hygiene

The Procedure of Professional Teeth Cleaning

For healthy teeth you have to take care of your whole mouth. During the PTC, your natural set of teeth, the spaces between your teeth and your gums are cleaned in several steps. Given a PTC in regular intervals, we can remove even the most resilient discolorations.

1. Step: Dyeing of Stains

Our expert staff identifies the dental plaque by using a special dye. This marks the beginning of the PTC and is done to gain an overview of the condition the teeth are in. The dyeing process shows those teeth that are affected by plaque so that they can be treated accurately.

Even for your dental hygiene at home, this step can give you a good insight. You can then focus on those parts of your teeth where plaque is showing and clean them more thoroughly. This prevents any new residue from building up.

2. Step: Removing Tartar

Part of a thorough prophylaxis is the professional cleaning of fillings and the edges of crowns as well as any accessible surfaces of dental roots. Solid and soft stains on the teeth are removed including discolorations caused by nicotine, red wine, coffee, tea etc.

However, if plaque stays on the teeth for a longer time and calcifies further it hardens into tartar. If tartar doesn’t get removed, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and cause gum inflammations.

Sometimes, this process can result in a dangerous periodontitis. However, during your PTC appointment we remove tartar with ultrasonic scalers in a pain-free and swift manner. Brushing your teeth at home doesn’t remove tartar—a PTC on the other hand is a reliable method to eliminate any plaque or tartar.

3. Step: Airflow-Cleaning

Moreover, the surface of the teeth is gently cleaned and freed from discolorations with Airflow. With this kind of special equipment for PTCs, we can even reach otherwise inaccessible areas in the mouth like the area above the gums, gum pockets and behind the last back teeth. Cleaning these areas provides protection from plaque.

Particularly food, drinks and tobacco cause refractory discolorations on your teeth. We can remove this rather soft plaque with powder jet devices using the Airflow-method. This modern device uses a special cleaning powder that eliminates even persistent plaque. It is doing that by applying a mix of water, air and salt with high pressure. It can even remove discoloration in the inaccessible parts of your teeth. Only if the neck of the tooth is exposed, this kind of treatment is unsuitable.

4. Step: Polishing

The smoother the surface of your teeth, the harder it is for plaque to build-up. That is the reason why your teeth get a thorough polishing after the plaque and discolorations have been removed.

This process is not limited to your teeth only. Even the edges of fillings can be smoothened in order to protect them from new build-ups in-between your PTC appointments.

5. Step: Fluoridation

The so-called fluoridation marks the last step of the professional teeth cleaning. This part of the PTC is decisive for prevention: Fluoride minimises the loss of minerals in the dental enamel, it makes the latter more resilient against acids and mitigates the risk of caries.

Costs of Professional Teeth Cleaning

In the Zahnklinik ABC Bogen the Professional Teeth Cleaning costs 100 – 120 Euro.

If it is a merely cosmetical prophylaxis, health insurance usually doesn’t cover the costs for a PTC. Depending on your insurance and/or private additional insurance, sometimes you do get a subsidy. Don’t hesitate to talk to us if wish for further information on this topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tina Pröhl is an experienced specialist for dental hygiene and prophylaxis and is your point of contact for any advice.

Ideally, you can have your PTC with your regular 6-monthly check-up. This way, you can prevent discolorations and diseases of your teeth or gums.

In case you had a gum disease, we have to individually define the regularity of the aftertreatments but you are generally looking at three to six months. Due diligence in regards to PTCs is advised particularly after a periodontitis treatment. Several PTC aftercare appointments might be necessary in this case.

Thereby, we can support the long-term success of your treatment and prevent new inflammations caused by acid-forming bacteria in the plaque.

Usually, it is not. We are using modern techniques and devices (ultra sound, AirFlow) that are gentle and at the same time efficient.

Plaque and discolorations are not just an aesthetic flaw. Because of their roughness they are also a magnet for bacteria that causes caries and periodontitis. All discolorations will be removed during the cleaning. If you want to brighten your teeth by 4 nuances, we recommend our gentle bleaching service.