Periodontal Surgery in Central Hamburg

The health of your gums determines the appearance of your teeth to a considerable degree. In this way, gums can appear either too short or too long. Even minor surgical corrections can have a beneficial effect on your gumline. If periodontitis is already advanced, recession of the gums can lead to functional and aesthetic changes to the teeth.

When is periodontal surgery necessary?

A surgical periodontitis treatment is necessary if classical therapy has not been effective or if the periodontal pockets are already very deep. In such cases, the jawbone can already be affected by periodontal disease.

The most important information at a glance

Periodontal surgery

Suitable for:Patients with healed acute periodontitis
Necessary with:Unsatisfactory gum aesthetics or intrabony pockets
Examination:PA Status
Examination:Preventing tooth loss, aesthetics
Time:30-60 minutes

Advantages of the Dental Clinic ABC Bogen

In cases of gingival retraction and already exposed tooth roots, aesthetic plastic periodontal surgery can prevent further progression and harmonise the course of the gums. Optimal results can only be achieved through extremely gentle, minimally invasive and microscopic surgical techniques. These require surgeons with considerable experience.

Our surgeons not only have extensive experience but are supported by sophisticated surgical equipment (for example, a special surgical laser, surgical microscope, etc). This equipment allows you a gentle and bleeding-free treatment and supports rapid recovery.

Process of Surgical Periodontics

The following different surgical techniques can be used for therapy.

Surgical Cleaning of the Periodontal Pockets

One minor surgical procedure is the cleaning of the periodontal pockets affected by the disease. This form of treatment is required for very deep and hard-to-reach periodontal pockets. This type of therapy allows us to expose the root surfaces, to remove deep deposits and to smooth out irregularities. Otherwise, bacteria could easily develop there. For this treatment, a local anaesthetic is sufficient.

Periodontal surgical treatment of this type effectively cleanses the gums of bacteria that cause periodontal disease, and ensures a firm hold for the teeth in the jaw.

Controlled Tissue Regeneration

The so-called Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) is another option for minor surgery. The therapy helps to regenerate the periodontium by inserting a special membrane that serves as a kind of barrier between jawbone and gum. This prevents the deep growth of the gums and provides sufficient time and space for the basic regeneration of the periodontium.

Periodontal Treatment with Bone / Bone Replacement

Severe periodontitis can lead to a regression of the jawbone. One successful bone reconstruction procedure involves the transplantation of bone material. A small part of your own bone is removed from the posterior jaw and reinserted in the affected area. If removal of the bone from your own body is not possible, artificial and specially developed materials can be successfully used instead. In many cases, use of your own bone as well as of artificial materials provides for an improvement of the bone structure.

Plastic Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal disease is not only a danger to your health – in severe cases it can also lead to potential optical problems. In some cases, a solution may be found in plastic periodontal surgery, which combines periodontal treatment with an aesthetic correction of your gums.

A decrease in the gums caused by periodontitis can cause the teeth to appear »long«. If the gums recede, this may lead to an irregular appearance of the gums and diminish their otherwise visually distinct bulges. Such a course of disease can ultimately lead to serious aesthetic limitations. In such cases, we can make a simple correction that removes some oral mucosa from a healthy area of the mouth.

Costs of Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal therapy is usually covered by statutory health insurance every 2 years. For regenerative or plastic-reconstructive periodontal surgery, costs incurred depend on the extent of the procedure. For private health insurance, the cost depends on the scope of the contract.