Invisalign®-Brackets in the Centre of Hamburg

Being a treatment that was developed in the USA, the Invisalign-system is nothing short of revolutionary: Malpositioned teeth can invisibly and very comfortably be corrected. The crystal clear and very thin splints made of synthetic material – the so-called aligners – are the basis for the Invisalign-system and move the teeth step by step towards their perfect position in the jaw.

The aligners are barely visible from the outside and can easily be removed for meals and oral hygiene. Especially for grown-ups (and of course for teenagers), the Invisalign-system is a form of treatment that is second to none in comparison to conventional braces.

Scientifically Proven Procedure

The system is a scientifically established method for the correction of teeth and was established in Germany around the millennium. Its quality and acceptance amongst experts have been underlined by a publication of the German Association for Aesthetic Orthodontics (DGÄK). Today, more than five million patients have benefited from the advantages of the system and many specialists are certified to perform the treatment.

As a practitioner with the so-called platinum-elite-status, our orthodontist Dr. Lothar Hauck has successfully treated more than 500 patients with Invisalign. What is more, he is one of ten Invisalign-speakers in Germany and has certified several colleagues at German universities for the system.

The most important information at a glance

Invisible Braces

Suitable for:Children/teenagers as well as adults
Anaesthesia:No local anaesthesia necessary
Durability:Retention necessary
Duration of procedure:Depending on case
Necessary for:Aesthetical or functional malpositions of teeth

Advantages of the Zahnklinik ABC Bogen

You can benefit from the following advantages when you chose the treatment with the Invisalign-system in our clinic:

  • Long-standing application
  • Invisalign-speaker/platinum-elite-status of the practitioner
  • High scale of discount
  • Gentle and flexible aligner-treatment
  • Market leader amongst aligner-systems

Functionality of the Invisalign®-System

When choosing a treatment with the Invisalign-system, your teeth can be moved towards the desired position with individually casted aligners. It is one of the characteristics of this modern kind of splint that they consist of a crystal clear and very thin synthetic material.

No Restrictions in Your Everyday Life

At every single step of the treatment your teeth can be moved by the Invisalign-splint and gently corrected. Using a seven to 14-day interval, you can easily exchange the aligners yourself. We recommend to wear the aligners 22 hours per day on average; exceptions are your daily meals and oral hygiene – for which you can easily remove the aligners. This is another reason why it is a possible system to correct malpositioned teeth, as it comes with barely any restrictions for your quality of life. Even the bite doesn’t change much during the treatment, only a minimal pressure on the teeth can occur.

Precision with 3D-Technology

Our Invisalign-certified practitioner Dr. Lothar Huck plans the treatment with state-of-the-art technology. For that reason, he works in close cooperation with the US business Align Technology Inc., which is headquartered in Santa Clara/USA.

With our up-to-date three-dimensional computer method (the so-called ClinCheck) we can predict the treatment as well as the results. With the data we can create your tailored Invisalign-braces using what is called stereolithography.

For Almost Every Age

The therapy of malpositioned teeth with the Invisalign-system is suitable for teenagers and gown-ups – up until old age. The dedention of the milk teeth marks the earliest age when the treatment can be applied. The newest version of “Invisalign First“ can be used as soon as the first front teeth are breaking through: Children can be treated with “Invisalign First”, teenagers with “Invisalign Teen”.

With due diligence and a thorough examination of your individual situation, our experts will determine if the Invisalign-system is a possible treatment for you or your children. It is possible and sometimes necessary to combine the Invisalign-system with conventional orthodontics.

Procedure of an Invisalign®-Treatment

1. Your Appointment

This is when our expert will perform a comprehensive examination and decide, if the Invisalign-system is the right treatment for you.

2. Drafting Diagnostic Records

Being a necessity for precise diagnostics, we make scans, photos and X-rays in order to analyse your teeth and the whole oral and jaw area. After the assessment, we develop a treatment and cost schedule for you that covers the Invisalign-system, while always keeping you in the loop and consulting you transparently on the duration and the costs of the treatment.

3. Impression and Photo Documentation

With your consent to the treatment plan, we take a digital impression of your teeth with an intraoral scanner. We also keep a photographic record that will serve as a data basis for the whole therapy.

4. Online Treatment Plan

In close cooperation with the Align Technology Inc. we plan and tailor the treatment und create a precise simulation online and with 3D software (ClinCheck).

5. ClinCheck

The finished simulation of the treatment is confirmed in the next appointment. If you are happy with the goals of the treatment, we start to create your individual Invisalign-splints.

6. Insertion of the First Invisalign-Splint

After the Invisalign-splints are made, we insert them professionally into the mouth. If necessary, we also insert little attachments (little buttons made of tooth-coloured plastic) that will be removed with the Invisalign-system after the therapy is finished. This way we can make sure your teeth can be successfully directed towards the right position.

Part of the insertion procedure is the consultation on how to handle the aligners. Our experts will take their time to explain everything in connection to it, so that after the treatment you can take several Invisalign-sets home with you including the respective aligners, where you can regularly exchange them yourself.

7. Fortnightly Exchange of Aligners

Every two weeks, you can exchange the Invisalign-splints yourself. The procedure is fairly easy and by this time you will have been given all the necessary information by our experts.

8. Check-Ups

We regularly check on the progress of the treatment – depending on the severity of the malposition of your teeth we might have to do that more often than usual. How long the therapy with Invisalign takes depends on the number of aligners. If worn correctly and the teeth are responding well, you can reduce the aligner exchange to a seven-day rhythm.

9. Intermediary Examination

If all Invisalign-splints have been used according to the treatment plan, we perform an intermediary examination. Should it be necessary or desired, we can adjust the results reached so far.

10. Retention

Following your successful treatment by our experts with the Invisalign-system, we recommend an aftertreatment with so-called retainers in order to secure the results. Our specialist will inform you about this procedure during your regular treatment and recommend an individual way forward.

Costs of an Invisalign®-Treatment

The costs for a treatment by our experienced specialists with the Invisalign-system depend on the individual case and the respective situation – that is why in this case a general cost calculation isn’t possible.

As a patient of the Zahnklinik ABC Bogen you can count on us taking your health and consultation seriously. After your diagnosis, we will transparently talk about the involved costs. We make time for your questions and concerns and are happy to assist with useful advice and information on possible alternatives if required.