3D X-Ray in the Centre of Hamburg

To make your therapy a success, we use modern 3D computer simulations for the diagnostics and planning stage. This enables us to plan your treatment before the actual procedure starts.

Using modern X-ray techniques with digital volume tomography (DVT), we are able to reconstruct your teeth, jaw and jaw joints in 3D and precisely determine the location of your implant. We can also assess if your jaw bone shows the necessary density to guarantee sufficient stability for the artificial dental roots.

3D planning and DVT also allows us to precisely navigate during the implantation procedure: This means, it helps protect and conserve the sensitive surroundings of the treated area. Important: A computer can’t replace the craftmanship of our experienced implantologists, but it can optimise the precision and safety.

The most important information at a glance

Digital Volume Tomography

Suitable for:Digital 3D planning and navigation
Advantages:High quality in real size
Risks:Reduced radiation burden compared to conventional X-ray procedures

Advantages of the Zahnklinik ABC Bogen

You benefit from the use of digital volume tomography:

  • Reduced radiation burden compared to conventional X-ray procedures
  • No appointment for CT and no contrast agent necessary
  • Special functions such as zoom, measurement and contrast filter enable maximum precision and planning certainty prior to procedure
  • High quality in real size

Functionality of Digital Volume Tomography


DVT uses the so-called tomography method and makes it possible to reconstruct the scanned area layer by layer in 3D.

While we take your 3D X-ray you don’t have to sit in a tiny box, instead you can take a comfortable seat in front of the machine that rotates around your head. This rotation yields up to 400 separate scans that constitute the three-dimensional image in the computer.

When is a DVT X-ray necessary?

Being commonly deployed for dentistry purposes, DVT is used to plan implantological procedures. With the resulting 3D images we can determine the perfect location for your implant or implants prior to the surgery. During the procedure, DVT allows us to precisely navigate and achieve the best possible outcome. We also use 3D diagnostics in other areas like the visualisation of the periodontal apparatus which holds your teeth. Here we can get valuable insights into the course of diseases, the position of displaced teeth and can identify diseases of the jaw cavity (maxillary sinus) and tumours. Ear, nose and throat specialists use DVT to examine the jaw cavity – which means that the boundaries between disciplines are transient.

Costs for the Digital Volume Tomography

The costs for your individual DVT vary greatly. We are here to make sure to consult you on any costs involved prior to your treatment, after your examination and after your health insurance has sent your personal therapeutic and cost schedule. We are also happy to give you helpful advice and go through possible alternatives. Don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions and concerns.