CEREC in the Centre of Hamburg

If you are looking for a quick treatment and turn-around of your dentures, the so-called CEREC procedure may well be suitable for you. Our experts use a state-of-the-art camera called OMNICAM. It replaces the impression of your tooth previously required for every inlay, partial crown or crown.

With the camera, both the defective tooth and the opposite tooth are photographically captured. The parts to be replaced can be precisely planned on the computer thanks to the CAD (Computer Added Design) method. The computer calculates both the size and the shape of the ceramic denture, which is then milled out of a ceramic block using a special tool in our in-house laboratory. Then it can be applied immediately to the damaged tooth. This way, we can provide you with optimal dentures: safe, effective – in just one session.

The most important information at a glance

CEREC Crowns

Suitable for:Inlays, partial crowns, full crowns
Notwendig bei:großflächige Schäden
Necessary if:Extensive damage

Advantages of the Zahnklinik ABC Bogen

Our dental clinic, where our experienced medical professionals will take good care of you, is directly connected to our in-house laboratory, ensuring direct communication between you, your doctor and dental technicians, without the loss of information or time. Our dental technicians are on site and receive all instructions for short-term implementation.

  • High quality ceramics
  • Supply in only one session
  • Digital impressioning to the latest technical standards
  • No temporary appliance required
  • Perfect fit

Course of the CEREC Treatment

This special state-of-the-art camera methodology is as quick as it is straightforward: When you decide to use the CEREC procedure for a denture, you can watch on-screen how the software creates a digital model of the damaged tooth. And you can also preview the crown, filling or the required dentures in advance.

Unlike conventional procedures, the CEREC method does not require an impression of your dentition, based on which a plaster model and then the dentures would be made. Even a temporary appliance isn’t needed, which would have to replace your dentures for about a week to completion.

Suitable for dental crowns and fillings

For larger, more complicated fillings and dental crowns, the CEREC method is very well suited. This includes the replacement of previous amalgam fillings.

From a medical point of view, however, in spite of this modern method, a conventional plastic filling is highly recommended for small holes in the tooth, not least because it is a more cost-effective solution.

Whether dental prostheses are produced in the laboratory using the conventional method or are determined and produced using the CEREC procedure in just one session must be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Before any treatment in the Zahnklinik ABC Bogen, a detailed and trusting conversation with our experts takes place. We talk you through the advantages and disadvantages of each method and give you recommendations that are suitable for your individual case.

Costs for a Treatment with the CEREC-Method

Naturally, the costs of your individual treatment are as variable as the possibilities of modern dentistry – this makes it impossible to give you an estimation of the costs.

Your comprehensive consultation is important to us: We will therefore advise you after your examination by our specialists and the receipt of the health and cost plan of your insurance, provide transparent information about the costs incurred and point out useful tips and alternatives. And it goes without saying that we are always accessible for your questions and queries.