Jaw Bone Grafting in the Centre of Hamburg

If an implantation can be performed successfully, depends on the condition the jaw bone is in. Only if the bone provides the necessary stability for the implant, the treatment can help to restore the quality of life.

The more the loss of a tooth lies in the past, the more the gum and jaw bone degenerate. In this case the missing bone substance has to be reconstructed – only then a dental implant can be embedded in it.

In these cases, modern implantology offers effective and high-quality procedures.

The most important info at a glance

Jaw Bone Grafting

Suitable for:Patients with insufficient bone substance
Advantages::Building a suitable bone bed
Anaesthetics:Local anaesthetics, sedation, general anaesthetics
Risks:Loss of reconstructed areas

Advantages of the Zahnklinik ABC Bogen

When visiting out specialists in the Zahnklinik ABC Bogen, you can count on the following advantages:

  • Surgeons with long-standing experience in various techniques of bone reconstruction
  • Security through individual 3D planning
  • Modern bone substitutes
  • Transplantation of body’s own bone substance if necessary

Methods of Bone Grafting

Which treatment is best suited for your individual needs depends on the severity of the loss of bone substance: The jaw bone can be too narrow or too low, while the location of the bone deficit – i.e. upper jaw, lower jaw, around the front or the side teeth – is another decisive factor that needs to be considered when determining the right treatment.


For this method the mucosa of the sinus or jaw cavity has to be lifted. The resulting cavity between membrane and jaw will be re-filled with a bone substitute.
The sinus lift is subdivided into the external and internal sinus lift and is commonly used when the bone in the area of the side teeth of the upper jaw is too low for a dental implant. Otherwise, there is a risk of a fracture when the dental implant is inserted.

Bone Spreading


The jaw ridge is the part of the jaw that carries the teeth. For the bone spreading procedure this part of the jaw is cautiously spread, while the resulting gap is filled with a bone substitute. In many cases, it is possible to continue with the implantation immediately after the bone spreading. Sometimes a short healing time is necessary before the implant can be embedded.

Osteoplasty with Apposition


If a larger amount of bone tissue is needed, it is possible to transplant this tissue from other parts of the body and insert it into the jaw. Suitable body parts for the transplantation are the area behind the back teeth of the lower jaw or the iliac crest.

Distraction Ostegenesis


Being a very rare form of treatment, this procedure corrects the height of a jaw bone that is too low for an implantation. For this purpose, the jaw bone is spread and a distractor screw is inserted into the gap. Slowly, the gap is widened step by step. This stimulates the bone to grow and fill the gap. As soon as the bone is hardened, the dental implant can be embedded.

Costs for Bone Grafting

The costs for your bone reconstruction vary greatly depending on individual circumstances and the kind of therapy. However, rest assured that your treatment and health is of the utmost importance to us. We will inform you in detail about all steps and costs of your therapy.

Of course, we will consult with you after your examination and after your health insurance has sent your therapeutic and cost schedule. We are happy to answer all your questions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.