All-on-4 Treatment in the Centre of Hamburg

Being a specialisation within dental implantology, all-on-four means a single session treatment in which four dental implants are embedded in the jaw to anchor the denture that will be fitted onto the implants. Usually, this kind of treatment is an option only when the lower or upper jaw has mostly or completely grown toothless – this means it depends on several factors and is not suitable for every patient.

In the following, we will give an overview about what is included in this kind of therapy. We are happy to talk with you about whether it is the right treatment for you and your situation.

The most important information at a glance


Suitable for:Toothless jaws/no teeth worth conserving
Advantages:Instantly ready teeth if possible
Anaesthesia:Local anaesthesia, twilight sleep, general anaesthesia
Risks:Minimal number of implants for firmly attached dentures

Advantages of the Zahnklinik ABC Bogen

Thanks to the following advantages we are able to offer an all-on-four treatment that is state-of-the-art:

  • In-house laboratory
  • Swift turnaround on-site
  • Digital 3D diagnostics and navigation
  • Specialists with long-standing experience

Preconditions for an All-on-four Treatment

Patients who are almost toothless, afraid of a multi-session treatment or simply don’t have much time can benefit greatly from this treatment. But most importantly, it needs a highly trained, specialised and surgically experienced doctor to perform the all-on-four treatment – because it is not a standard treatment. In the Zahnklinik ABC Bogen you will be taken care of by experts with long-standing experience in various fields of dentistry.

The association of leading implantologists in Europe (ECDI, »European Centers for Dental Implantology«), of which Zahnklinik ABC Bogen is a member, cautions against having huge expectations in regards to the all-in-four treatment for a large number of patients. Because of that, the first step is a thorough assessment of your current medicinal and dental situation.

The treatment of a completely or mostly toothless jaw with four or more implants and a permanent denture can commence if the following is given:

  • Good general health
  • Readiness to keep dentures hygienic
  • Good quality of the jaw bone
  • Only little degeneration of the jaw bone
  • Good health of the lining of the mouth

Procedure of an All-on-4-Treatment


First, we talk about your personal wishes and expectation in regards to your denture-therapy. Then, we thoroughly examine your health situation: For that purpose, we use 3D X-rays and analyse your teeth, the density of the bone and the position of the jaw bones. Together, we can decide what is the best course of action for your individual case.

Gentle, Modern Anaesthetics

If the “All-on-four“-method is used, you will get four dental implants into your toothless jaw under twilight sleep (so-called analgosedation) or general anaesthetics. Two implants are embedded in the front part of your jaw, two in the back area. These implants are called abutments. The latter two will be implanted in a slightly oblique position in order to be able to withstand the higher pressure of the bridge or prosthesis.

In Rare Cases: The Zygomatic Implant


Being especially long implants anchored in the cheekbone, zygomatic implants can be used as an alternative in some rare cases. They are used when there isn’t enough jaw bone to implant more common alternatives and when bone grafting is not an option.

Temporary and Permanent Dentures

After the implantation, we take an impression of the jaw. This impression is used to build a temporary denture so that you can use your new teeth right away and regain that lost quality of life. The temporary solution is necessary until your implants have healed into your jaw, which takes about six months. After that, we take another impression of your jaw to create your permanent dentures.

From this point on, the hygiene of the abutments is important. Given due diligence when it comes to dental hygiene at home and our professional support with regular check-ups and professional teeth cleaning, you can expect your artificial roots to last for a long time.

Costs of an All-on-4-Treatment

The costs for an all-on-4-treatment depend on your individual situation and can vary according to the kind of dentures used. We are here to make sure to consult you on any costs involved, particularly after your examination and after your health insurance has sent your personal therapeutic and cost schedule. We are happy to assist with helpful advice and go through possible alternatives. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions and concerns.