Dentists for anxious patients in central Hamburg

Many people are afraid of dental surgery. For some, the fear goes so far that they do not allow for appointments and necessary treatments for years. This is where a vicious circle can begin: the need for treatment is ever increasing – and thus the inhibition threshold for the treatment. This is especially true for surgical procedures.

We can help you to break out of this vicious circle. We have the latest methods available in the field of dental and orthodontic treatments, with which we can treat you gently, safely and painlessly.

Dental fear is often caused by traumatic experiences in the past. Therefore, we take time to listen to your concerns and address your anxiety during a detailed consultation. Together, we plan a treatment and a course of therapy that suits your needs – without stress, fear and pain.

The most important information at a glance

Anxiety patients

Advantages:no treatment at the first appointment
Anaesthetics:nitrous oxide, twilight sleep, general anaesthesia

Benefits of the Dental Clinic ABC Bogen

In our dental clinic, we provide an anxiety- and pain-free treatment in a pleasant atmosphere – we do so by:

  • state-of-the-art sedation and anaesthesia procedures
  • professional supervision during every treatment
  • pleasant rooms for rest and recovery with comprehensive care

Methods for treating anxiety patients

Everyone wants a fear- and pain-free dental treatment. Thus, the two most important measures for the preparation of a successful treatment have already been mentioned: as leading experts in our fields of expertise, we set out to make every treatment for you free from anxiety and pain.

This goal can be achieved – but not every patient is the same. While some undergo a complicated tooth removal under local anaesthesia without complaint, others will get tachycardia and break out in a sweat when thinking of an anaesthetic injection.

So how do we safely meet the various requirements throughout the treatment? Our doctors and dentists always recommend the most suitable method of sedation for you – both your general condition as well as the type and duration of the dental treatment with regards to any complications. You can trust us to provide you with ample care, to answer your questions at any time and to ensure that there is no need for fear and pain in our dental clinic.

Course of treatment for anxiety patients

Our goal is, on the one hand, to treat you painlessly. But we also want to help you overcome your fear. Because dental anxiety can be cured once you regain confidence and trust in the services provided by the experts.

For anxious patients, the first appointment in our dental clinic will never be a treatment itself. It is just a first get-together. Nobody has to be ashamed of their teeth: as experienced physicians, we know that traumatic experiences are often the cause of dental anxiety.

The dental clinic ABC Bogen works together with specialists in anaesthesiology. This provides us with a variety of safe, anxiolytic and pain-relieving procedures: from local anaesthesia (sedation) to twilight sleep and light sedation with nitrous oxide to general anaesthesia.

Our many years of experience enable us to perform even extensive treatments without any complications and free of pain. Often, several treatment steps can be combined into one appointment, so that you feel a sense of achievement when it comes to your anxiety and have made an important step towards healthy teeth immediately after visiting our dental clinic.