ABC Straße 19
Mo.-Th. 8am-6pm & Fr. 8am-3pm

Dear patients,

We are happy that you are visiting us. In our dental clinic in the heart of Hamburg, we are glad to be working for you and your health—with the same enthusiasm that we felt on the first day.

In the Zahnklinik ABC Bogen you will meet a large team of confident specialists with many years of experience in the areas of dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, implantology, parodontology, orthodontics and anaesthesia. We exclusively offer up-to-date treatments based on science and research.

Our work is built on the conviction, that modern medicine has to view man as a whole. Physical and mental health are connected more closely than some might think. That is why we think that sensitive consultation, modern and gentle methods, and a pleasant atmosphere form a larger unit. In our clinic, you should feel comfortable and at ease at any time.

Our values:

  • Medicinal services on the highest level
  • Highest expectations towards our staff and our technical equipment
  • Warm-hearted, competent consulting
  • Professional time management to avoid long waiting times
  • Safe planning with a maximum of cost transparency
  • Modern 3D-diagnostics and computer-assisted dentistry
  • In-house dental laboratory specialised in high-quality ceramics
  • Anxiety- and pain-free treatment thanks to sensitive consultation and safe anaesthesia procedures
  • Complete treatments with medical care in our certified private clinic

Individual Consultation

Trust is the basis for our success

The aspects we take into consideration when planning our patients’ treatments are as diverse as our patients themselves. You can rest assured that we will treat you the way you deserve—as an individual.
In a detailed first interview with our experts, and during the diagnosis and the following therapy we don’t just consider your age, sex, health condition and general medicinal aspects. We also focus on hormonal factors and even psychological stress. For that reason, our doctors make time for you. It goes without saying that a successful long-term treatment requires empathy and experience of the doctor.

Your personal treatment plan will be created in close cooperation with you, the same holds true for the detailed estimate of costs. We are happy to consider your private and business requirements and your individual time management.

In order to be able to answer all your questions and give you a detailed consultation, we need some information about your medical history (Download: anamnesis questionnaire). You can send your completed anamnesis questionnaire via post, fax or email, or you can bring it with you on your first appointment. Your X-ray record, allergy and implant ID, or existing X-rays would be of help as well. That way, we can shorten your waiting time. Your data is subject to the medical confidentiality and will be treated by us in a discrete and confidential way.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your questions.

We are looking forward to your first visit!

Our Quality Management

Certified quality for your safety

Zahnklinik ABC Bogen is a licensed private clinic and as such it is subject to regular and strict inspections by the health authorities. What is more, we adhere to quality management according to ISO standard 9001—we also take a close look at hygiene, worker protection, emergency management and data protection. Our dental clinic is equipped with the latest technology and exclusively relies on certified materials and products. The clean air operating theatre complies with DIN 1946/4.

Specialists with long-standing experience and qualifications are overseeing our clinic and its various departments. They also meet the strict requirements of the ECDI (»European Centers for Dental Implantology«), the association of leading implantologists in Europe.

If in-patient care is needed, our motivated and friendly nurses offer professional care around the clock. After the treatment, there will be a competent consultant available for you at any time.

Independent doctors inspect our specialists and our clinic in regular intervals to guarantee the highest quality. Being members of a certified trainings programme and taking part in national and international research projects guarantees a high degree of competence that is abreast with science. These measures are cornerstones of our quality assurance. But first and foremost, they are designed to benefit our patients.

In-house Dental Laboratory

Modern technology and short distances

Having immediate access to our own laboratory enables us to establish direct communication between you, your doctor and the dental technician, without information being lost or time wasted. Be it the identification of the colour of your teeth, the trial-in-mouth, or whenever it is necessary for your individual treatment: Our dental technicians are on-site and receive all the required information to deliver optimal results.

High-performance ceramic: Our material of choice

It takes several years of training and experience to be able to design dentures even experts can’t distinguish from your natural teeth. In our in-house dental laboratory, specialists use state-of-the-art CAD/CAM-technology to process extraordinarily tough ceramic to inlays, crowns and bridges. Next, we use complex and individually adjustable layering-techniques to mould the ceramic in colour, structure and form after your natural teeth. The material shines with brilliancy, transparency and light refraction that is on par with your own teeth—and sometimes even surpasses them.